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Level 1 Course
Prophecy and Activation

Historical moments are unfolding right before us, and there is a reason God has placed you in the midst of it. Now is the time to accelerate your calling, activate the gift God has prophetically equipped you with, and get deployed into your divine destiny.

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially prophecy

I Corinthians 14:1
Level 1: Prophecy and Activation
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So, How Do You Recognise
And Hear God's Voice
For Yourself?

Let me know if this has happened to you...

As an everyday Church-going Christian, there have been times in our lives where we've heard and we believed the idea that:

"I Don't Hear God's Voice In My Life..."


And so we go to Church week after week...

We go through discipleship and Bible studies...

We read the latest book...

We attend the next conference...

Hoping something, ANYTHING, will happen
to get our breakthrough...

But unfortunately, breakthrough never "just happens"...

Is that your story right now? Is that why you're here?

Have you been pursuing the ability to hear and recognise God speaking in your own life, but just don't know HOW to get your breakthrough?

Or does your story sound a little bit different?

Maybe you have recognised God speaking into your life and your world, but it comes and goes...

Or you've tasted what it is like to experience hearing God for yourself and you want to take another step deeper...

Or people around you have started to notice that you are hearing God speak more and more consistently and you want to develop your gifting?

Have you ever thought...

"I Need To Be Able to Hear
And Recognise God Speaking
Much Clearer Than I Do Right Now?"

My name is Rich Stals, and I am the Regional Director of Ruah School of Prophecy in the Asia Pacific region, and I have an all-consuming passion to see people experience their own breakthrough in their journey into the Voice of God.

I have been on a 25 year journey pursuing the prophetic experience in the Kingdom of God.

I remember the very first time I recognised that God was speaking to me.

I was a young 19 year old guy in a little Baptist Church. We had just had a family begin to attend Sunday services. When the husband, wife and small child walked into our Church, little did I know that I would be forever marked by the power of God's voice.

The young wife had just given her heart to follow Jesus. She had begged her husband to come to Church. You see, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had only weeks left to live.

Our little Church family rallied around this young family and just loved on them. We prayed for them and encouraged them. We would invite the husband to follow Jesus. But nothing anyone could do seemed to make a difference for him...

That was until one Sunday morning after service. We were all standing around the auditorium chatting together in different groups when I looked over at him and felt this quiet but insistent impression inside me...

"Go and tell him that you are praying for him and his family"

I ignored it.

But it just stayed with me. I thought to myself that I shouldn't bother him, surely so many others had told him this exact same thing already.

"Go and tell him that you are praying for him and his family"

So I went over and said these simple words from a heart of love. He thanked me and we all went home.

Then on Wednesday night I heard the news. He had experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus in giving his heart to God. He told us that the one thing that changed everything for him was when I had come over to him and told him I was praying for him and his family.

In fact, this incident had so moved him that as we helped hm plan for his funeral, one of the things he insisted on having happen was that I was to read his favourite passage of the Bible. He wanted me to be a part of his farewell because of the impact I had on his life.

I didn't understand it. That one little phrase had such an out of proportion impact in the life of that family. I know he had heard others say that exact same thing to him. What was different this time?

The difference was that when I gave my voice to agree with what the Voice of God was saying, heaven was released into the situation.

Since then, I have spent years pursuing what it means to recognise and hear God's voice and then to partner with Him to see breakthrough in my own life and the world around me.

I won't lie to you and say this was an easy journey.

Sometimes I would have amazing experiences in hearing God speak...

And then I would totally miss it.

One week I would have people weeping in response to a simple message I had spoken to them...

The next I would have people angry and upset at something else I had shared.

Sometimes it all felt a bit hit and miss, confusing and painful to continue to pursue this prophetic journey...

But somehow over these last 25 years God has used the Bible, experiences and wonderful people from all over the world to guide me step by step into a place of consistently hearing God speak.

What seemed so intangible and out of reach is now a normal part of my Christian experience.

Now, I don't pretend to have all the answers. My journey in the prophetic ministry continues. But I do have 25 years of hard-won insights and experience that God is using to help others accelerate their own journey.

I have had the privilledge of connecting with Matthew Helland, the founder and Global Director of Ruah School of Prophecy. I am thrilled to be a part of a gobal movement that is seeing hundreds of people trained, activated and released into hearing God speak for themselves.

Instead of having to struggle through all the things Matthew and I have been through to get our own breakthroughs, this prophetic coaching course will accelerate your own growth and development in the prophetic so you can take it to the next level.

Inside The Prophecy and Activation Course
You Will Accelerate Your Prophetic Journey

When you register for the Level 1 Course: Prophecy and Activation, not only will you receieve a strong Biblical foundation for hearing God speak for yourself, you will join a community of like-minded Kingdom believers all pursuing a greater experience in the prophetic ministry.

You won't be alone in your journey. We run each coaching course session in cohorts of students who are all learning together. We combine on-demand online video teaching with live Q&A and activation sessions with our qualified trainers.

Here is a sneak peak into what you will receieve when you register for this course:

  • 1 Hour of Live Teaching from our Global Director, Matthew Helland
  • Over 5 hours of on-demand online teaching sessions
  • 20 on-demand activation excercises
  • 4 x weekly live Q&A, activation and prophetic ministry sessions
  • Our Prophecy Level 1 manual ebook for FREE
  • Exclusive discount on Matthew Helland's Book Prophesy: Just Do It!
  • A certificate of completion
  • Exclusive membership in our online community to help you continue your journey with us
Inside The Course
Section #1: Course Introduction
  • Welcome to Ruah School of Prophecy: Get connected with our heart and what this course is all about.
  • Meet Your Instructor: Get connected with your instructors and trainers.
Section #2: The Fundamentals
  • Understanding Prophetic Ministry: Modern prophetic ministry is often misunderstood and unknown to many followers of Christ. Yet, scripture is loaded with instructions for modern prophetic ministry that we need to know to form a foundation upon which healthy life giving gospel-based prophetic ministries can develop.
  • 3x3 = Nine Essential Elements to Grow in Prophetic Ministry: Too many gifted and talented ministers appear and disappear like a flash in the pan because they do not have a strong foundation in God's word and in personal character. Understand three sets of three concepts that are necessary to grow and develop in hearing God's voice and prophecy as a way of life.
  • The Three Levels of Prophetic Ministry: Understand the three different levels of prophetic ministry in the world today.
  • Activation and Impartation of Prophetic Gifts: There are many ways that spiritual gifts can be activated in the life of a believer. Activate the gifts that Holy Spirit has made available to you.
  • Keys and Primnciples to Prophesy God speaks in many different ways. Learn to recognise the many ways God speaks to and through you.
  • How to Apply a Prophetic Word: Recognise that every prophetic word must be evaluated and tested.
  • 11 Guidelines for Prophetic Ministry: 11 core values of Kingdom Prophecy
  • Raising Prophetic Families: The very best way to cultivate and develop in your prophetic gifting is intentionally within a community.
  • Receiving Elijah's Prophetic Mantle: Prophetic ministers are mothers and fathers in the Kingdom of God.
Section #2: Activations and Excercises
  • Instruction for Doing Prophetic Excercises with a Group:
  • Excercise 1: Using a Scriptue, Bible Story or Worship Song to Prophesy
  • Excercise 2: Using a Feeling to Give a Prophetic Word
  • Excercise 3: Give One Word
  • Excercise 4: Prophesy Using a List
  • Excercise 5: Everyone Prophesy over One Person
  • Excercise 6: Do a Prophetic Act
  • Excercise 7: The Blind Prophet
  • Excercise 8: Prophesy About The Future
  • Excercise 9: Interpreting Dreams
  • Excercise 10: Popcorn Prophecy
  • Excercise 11: Wheel Inside of a Wheel
  • Excercise 12: Prophesy Over A Group
  • Excercise 13: Prophesy Using a Picture or Vision
  • Excercise 14: Prophesy Using a Random Object
  • Excercise 15: Give and Receieve Feedback
  • Excercise 16: Meditate and Worship At God's Throne (Revelation 4)
  • Excercise 17: Prophesy Over Yourself
  • Excercise 18: Prophesy Over Someone You Know
  • Excercise 19: Prophesy Over Someone You Don't Know
  • Excercise 20: Interpet A Tongue
Section #3: Course Wrap-Up
  • Wrapping Things Up: This is not an ending to this course, but a new beginning. As believers we are often over taught and under challenged. Take the material and the tools you have learned to continue to grow in your ability to hear and see God's voice and prophesy. Prophesy: Just Do It!
  • Resources: Your next steps in your journey.
Here's What Others Are Saying
Matthew and Femke Helland

"I have experienced Richard as a sincere and upright prophet whose prophetic ministry has proved to be accurate, biblical and life giving. I have been amazed at the revelation I have heard come out of his mouth as he has ministered to me prophetically. If you want to grow in prophetic ministry in a way that is biblical, healthy and sound, Rich Stals is definitely a prophet I can highly recommend."

Matthew Helland

Global Director, Ruah School of Prophecy

Chris and Natalie Friend

"I am more than happy to promote the ministry RUAH for a whole bunch of reasons. We have seen the impact that this has had on the lives of many people in our church, activating them in the prophetic; we have seen the impact that this training is having all around the world; and lastly, because these guys are my friends! If you're keen to get involved - don't wait!"

Chris Friend

National Leader, IPHC Ministries Australia

Dan and Brooke Alderden

"Richard is a highly valued member and leader at Reality Church. He carries a strong prophetic anointing upon his life which he has been faithful to hone and steward. Unique to his prophetic ministry is his ability to train and activate others. Richard leads activation nights within our house, equipping people to hear from God and move in the prophetic. His prophetic call extends far beyond our local house as God continues to open doors for him to minister, equip and release people in the prophetic within the larger body of Christ. We’re excited for all God will do in this next season through his life and this prophetic training platform!"

Dan and Brooke Alderden

Senior Pastors, Reality Church in Perth, Western Australia

Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr.

"Matthew Helland will inspire, inform and impart new things in your life. His teaching are strategic for helping every believe live out the fullness of the Spirit in our generation."

Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr.

Bishop I.P.H.C.

Phil Strout

"Matthew Helland is the type of guy that brings the refreshing love of God wherever he goes. If you have the opportunity to meet him, I wholeheartedly recommend him concerning all ministry."

Phil Strout

National Director of Vineyard Association of Churches, USA

Putty Putman

"Matthew Helland is a gifted practitioner and a practical trainer that will inspire you to expect to see Jesus do more than you knew was possible."

Putty Putman

Founding Director of School of Kingdom Ministry, Pastor at The Vineyard of Central Illinois